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Delivering Projects, Not Just Products!

At Light Footprint we 'Deliver Projects, Not Just Products!'. We believe our clients need much more than just the supply of high quality LED lighting products. Indeed as many new technologies are littered with under-performing and older generations of stock, we take the hard work out of finding the right LED solutions for our clients. We frequently work with the end user's Energy, Maintenance and Finance teams (or their representatives) to build strong financial business cases within comprehensive and technically viable LED lighting efficiency projects. This ensures that the requirements of all stakeholder departments are understood and met where possible. When engaged on a project, we support our initial audits/surveys with a proposal illustrating potential savings (inc. running costs, consumption & CO2 emissions) and the respective return on investment, backed up with fully transparent workings. We can also provide assistance for funding submissions for a range of finance schemes both internal and external, where applicable (see the Finance section for more details) and have a wealth of case-studies to help assure clients that the solutions we offer are tried and tested.

Transparent Approach

We're not afraid to say we can't do something if we feel current technology can't meet specific client/application needs. This honest approach is fundamental in a fast developing technology as we know our clients need solutions to be effective as well as efficient and at Light Footprint we believe that this is one of the main reasons clients use us again and again. Alternatively we are happy to look for client/site specific solutions and have delivered several bespoke solutions across a range of different industries.

Project-Led Approach

Our LED Proposals are support by a thorough stage approached that has delivered the forecasted results time and time again.

  1. Initial Audit / survey of the premises to ensure there is a full understanding of the current lighting levels and loads (create a defined starting point).
  2. Preparation of lighting plans using the most up to date lighting files with realistic maintenance factors to meet predefined client requirements.
  3. Based on previous project experience and site requirements, draw up a proposal for lamp / luminaire replacement ensuring the maximum financial and technical viability is achieved.
  4. Undertake trials or faciliate site visits to past projects.
  5. Work closely with installation teams (when not involved with the installation element) to ensure a smooth conversion to LED.

Overall we work with clients on a project by project basis, offering technical advice as well as financial projections, out client focused sales approach is founded on understanding our customers' individual needs and expectations and delivering the right solutions time after time.